The Green Phantom strikes again:

Here is my story that aired last night on 790KABC as part of the Lasorda at His Best Series presented by Skechers:

We had a thing going where Was Parker and Jimmy Lefebvre were doing all these tricks to me, but they were saying that the culprit was the Green Phantom.  One day after the workout I walked into my room and it was completely full of newspapers, stacked from the flood to the ceiling.  Another time I walked into my room and all the furniture was gone.

But this one time I will always remember.  In the middle of the night someone opens my door and comes in.  I sit up in bed and who was it but Mr. Walter O’Malley and the night watchman.  I thought I was dreaming. 

“Where are my wheels?” he asked.


“Where are my wheels?”

Mr. O’Malley had his golf cart that he and Mrs. O’Malley would ride around all day in.

“I don’t know,” I said.  “I would never take your wheels Mr. O’Malley.”

The night watchman wanted to look under my bed.  When they did, there were the wheels, and boy was Mr. O’Malley upset.

The Green Phantom…….

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