Prayers for the Kid, Gary Carter:

Ken Levine / Getty Images

Here is my story that aired last night on 790 KABC as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

My daughter, Laura, went top Sunny Hills High School.  She came home one day and told me about a classmate.

“Daddy, we have a really good player on our baseball team,” she said.

“What’s his name?”

“Gary Carter,” she said.

So I went into the office and asked one of our scouts to watch Gary play.  He happened to be playing short stop for that game.  The scout game back and I asked him about Gary and he told me not to worry about him because he didn’t see much.

Don’t worry about it?  The guy ended up in the Hall of Fame!

As you may know, Gary Carter is suffering very seriously.  He is battling brain cancer and is having a tough time with it.

Whoever reads this, please sit down and write a letter to Gary and let him know that you are thinking of him and wishing him well.

Let’s all ask God to take good care of him.

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