Here’s another Mike Scioscia story for you:

Yesterday was an off-day for the team so 790 KABC didn’t air one of my stories, but here is one that aired a few days ago as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

In conversations with Mike Scioscia every once in a while he brings up what I did to him.  The story goes that we drafted him, so I called him on the phone since he grew up in a town in Pennsylvania just a few miles from my home town. 

He wasn’t going to sign with the Dodgers though because he was getting ready to go to Clemson.  I went to his house to pick him up.  My brother Eddie was driving.  We drove to the ballpark in Philadelphia because we were in town to play the Phillies.

He couldn’t believe that I went to his house and that I was taking him to the game.

I took him to our clubhouse in Philadelphia, put a Dodger uniform on him and had him take batting practice on the field.

Now he claims that I lost him $10,000 from his bonus because during BP I was throwing him curveballs that he couldn’t hit. 

But instead of heading for Clemson, the next day he was headed to one of our farm clubs to begin his career as a Dodger. 

Mike went on to be an outstanding Dodger and is now one of the best managers in Major League Baseball.

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