Never underestimate desire:

Preston Gomez

Here is my story that aired last night on 790 KABC as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

One year during spring training they formed a team with a bunch of players that didn’t really fit on any other of our minor league teams.  They had me manage this tam, and I got them fired up, and we started to beat the other teams we would play in camp.

Now we were going to play the triple-A team, Spokane, and Preston Gomez was their manager.  I got my players together and gave them a little talk.

“You guys have been outstanding!  We have won eight in a row!  Nobody can beat us!”

Gomez went around saying this game was a joke and that they are making a joke out of the Spokane team by having to play us.

I told my players that Gomez was saying these things about them like they’re a bunch of bums!

Gomez’s team was already on the field, and we all ran out together.  As my players past Gomez they were screaming at him and calling him names.

“What’s the matter?” asked Gomez.  “Your team is cussing me and screaming.”

“I don’t know,” I said.  “Maybe they don’t like you.”

You know something; we beat them.  We beat the triple-A team with a bunch of ragamuffins.  We walked off that field and my players were still screaming at Gomez.  I had them hating him so much they wanted to destroy him, and they did.

Just remember, it’s not always the strongest man who wins the fight, or the fastest man who wins the race.  It’s the one who want it badder than the other!

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