Two more stories about Mike Scioscia:

Los Angeles Dodgers

Here are some Scioscia stories that aired recently on 790 KABC as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

One day the press came to me and said Yeager is a little upset with me.

“Why?” I wanted to know.

“Because you made Mike Scioscia the number one catcher because he’s Italian.”

“That is a lie,” I said.  “A big, fat lie.”

I did not make Scioscia the number one catcher because he’s Italian.  I made him the number one catcher because I’m Italian!

And speaking of Mike Scioscia, everybody talks about Gibson’s home run, of course, and people talk about Rick Monday’s home run in the 1981 playoffs that put the Dodgers in the World Series, but nobody talks about Scioscia’s home run in the 1988 playoffs in New York against the Mets.

Doc Gooden was the pitcher.  It was the top of the ninth inning.  There were two outs, and Scioscia had two strikes against him in the count.  And we were losing 4-2.

John Shelby hit before Scioscia.  You could not walk Shelby unless it was intentional.  He was a bible hitter – thou shalt not pass.  But Gooden threw Shelby four pitches that he couldn’t hit, so he walks.  It must have been an act of God.

So Scioscia comes up with two outs, Shelby on first, and believe it or not he hit a home run and tied the game 4-4.  If we lost that game we would be trailing the Mets 3-1 in the best-of-seven series, but Gibson hit a home run in the 12th and we won, which made the series 2-2.



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