Bobby Valentine, the Winter Meetings, Dallas and pizza:

Many years ago during the Winter Meetings in Dallas I went out with Bobby Valentine and a couple other friends to find something to eat.  It was late at night and most places were closed, so Bobby recommended a pizza place he knew since at the time he was Manager of the Texas Rangers.

We hopped in a car and arrived at the pizzeria, but the manager was putting the chairs on top of the tables and mopping the floor.  They were closed too.

Bobby told us not to worry about it.  He went over to the window and signaled to the guy to come over and open up so we could eat.

The guy looked at Bobby and waived his arms signaling no way.

“Let me handle this, Bobby,” I said.

I went over to the window to do the same thing.  This time the guy came over and was excited to open the door.

“Tommy Lasorda,” he exclaimed.  “Come on in!”

Needless to say we loved the pizza, and we all had some good laughs because even though Bobby was the manager of the Rangers it took some Lasorda magic to open up the pizzeria.

I guess the guy must have been a Dodger fan.

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