Remembering my father:

As we are in the holiday spirit I often think of my family, and especially my father.  He and my mother filled our house with so much love, which is the best gift of all.  My father worked 60 hours a week driving a truck in a stone quarry, which during the winter months was freezing.  But he never missed a day of work, and did all he could to give us a great life.

One day he was telling us about his home in Tollo, Italy.  He made his home sound like a castle, and I often wondered why he would leave if it was such a wonderful place. 

Many years later I went to Italy and visited Tollo.  While I was there I went to his old house, and it wasn’t that great.  But to him it was, because the most important part of his life was his family.  I wanted to walk the same streets he walked, go to the same church he went to, shopped in the same shops, and ate at the same restaurants where he ate just so I could feel closer to my father.

When we arrived in Tollo there was a banner strung across the main street, and in Italian it read:

Welcome, Tom Lasorda.  Son of Sabatino Lasorda

When I saw my father’s name on that banner I started to cry.  My love for my family is one of the most precious gifts I got from my father.  I have been blessed to have the love of my family, and the love of my Dodger family.

I hope each of you embraces your family and during this holiday season I hope each of you remembers what is really important in life.

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My grandparents on both my parents sides are from Italy. Even though my name seems French. I often wondered what it would be like to visit Italy in person. My eldest daughter has been there many time.
Merry Christmas, Tommy.

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