College baseball coaches are unsung heroes of our game:

I am on my way to the College Coaches convention and looking forward to seeing some good friends, especially Paul Mainieri and Ron Maestri.  I have the utmost respect for college baseball coaches.  In fact, every year I try to speak at as many fundraisers for college baseball programs as my schedule allows.  I do so because college coaches are unsung heroes of baseball.  They work very hard to prepare their players not just to win on the field, but to be young men prepared to succeed in life.

Parents give college coaches the same responsibilities that other coaches have, but they have to do the job with far fewer resources than football or basketball coaches have.  And they never break NCAA rules.  When is the last time a university has been put on sanctions because of a baseball violation? 

College baseball coaches have to prepare the fields themselves, keep the baseballs in shape, and keep the uniforms clean all the while preparing the players to compete.  They do outstanding jobs for their universities, and for their players.

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