I’m proud of my boys:

I would like to congratulate team Lasorda University.  They are a 14 and under team that plays club ball in USSSA.  They play the game the way it is supposed to be played.  They play with all the drive and desire they have within themselves.  I am so proud of them because they play to win, but the important thing is that they have fun.

I love seeing youth baseball, but I want all the youngsters playing across the country, and their coaches, to realize that baseball is supposed to be fun.  I hate seeing young players quitting because they aren’t having fun. 

In the Major Leagues, it is inevitable that every team will lose 1/3 of its games, which is 54.  It is also inevitable that each team will win 1/3 of its games.  It is the middle third that will determine where you finish.

So remember this kids: when you are playing baseball have fun.  If you are down on yourself because you struck out or made an error, just look in the paper and see how many big leaguers struck out or made errors.  Win with pride, but if you lose, lose with dignity because your favorite team in the big leagues will lose a few games too.

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