Thank you Ted Williams:

March 3 is special to me.  On this day in 1997 I was having breakfast at Dodgertown inVero Beach.  I had just retired from managing the year before and was getting used to life outside of the dugout. 

As I was going about the normal spring training day, talking to players, signing autographs for fans and looking forward to Opening Day, the PR director, Derrick Hall, told me that I have an important phone call.

He took me to the press box at Hollman Stadium and gave me the phone.  It was Ted Williams.

“Tommy,” he said in his blustery voice.  “I thought I was the only guy inCooperstownwho loved you, but it turns out that everybody loves you.”

“Congratulations, Tommy.  You are being inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

When he said that to me I started to cry.  I never thought I would be in the Hall of Fame, even though I gave everything I had to the Dodgers and baseball.  And to get the call from Ted, a man who I idolized and respected so much, made it one of the most important and memorable days in my life.

Thank you Ted for making that call to me.

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Tommy you were one of the best managers the Dodgers ever had. Yes you ARE a true Hall of Famer.

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